121 Mentoring FAQ

I’d love to do it but I would like to know a bit more first…

Great! The best thing to do is book a Discovery Call with me and we can chat through any questions you have and work out which package is going to be the best for you right now. Everyone and every business is different so it’s about finding what will give you the most value and the support you need to get the absolute most from our time together.

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What happens after I say YES?

You will be sent an invoice for the package of your choice and once payment has been processed we will book in a 30 minute ‘planning session’ where we will talk through exactly what you want to get from our time together. From this we will create an action plan for where we will focus our energies each month.

I will set up a Basecamp account for you and send you the details. This is where we will keep all our notes and call info so it is easily accessible all in one place. It’s the perfect way to keep on top of all the great stuff we’ll be doing and is really easy to use.

After our Planning Session we will book in our monthly calls and each week I will check in with you to see how you’re getting on and you can of course ask me questions as we go along.

You’ll also be set up on the Ultimate Brand course so you can access all of the fantastic resources and course modules straight away, which will help you as we work on your business as elements of the course will have a big impact on what we do together. The mix of 121 and the course is a potent one and you have the potential to do some awesome stuff over the coming months that will really transform how you feel about yourself and your business.

What the heck is a Basecamp account?

I love Basecamp and use it for my own projects and to work with my team. You can find out all about it at