Below you’ll find my answers to some of the most common questions I get asked…

Why just women?

Well, I’m walking my talk here and getting specific, finding my niche! I am a woman, I have a daughter, I run businesses and I have the same juggles to deal with as other women in a similar situation. Ever since I had my daughter, at just 19, and became self employed I have had a huge appreciation for how difficult (and wonderful!) it is being a mum, let alone being a mum whilst juggling life, work and everything else, whilst still attempting to remain sane and enjoy life! So, I’ve always had an overwhelming desire to connect with and help other women who were ‘just like me’. This is my opportunity to do just that. I have been asked if I have considered “the fact that I’m categorically cutting off 50% of my potential market” but you know what, 50% of the population of the world is a pretty darn big demographic! I don’t even want that much! I’m very happy to drill down to a much smaller group of women who:

  • Want to work with someone who ‘gets’ them and what they’re trying to achieve as well as being able to understand the things that they have to deal with
  • Want to feel OK with the juggle that is life and still achieve their own goals
  • Know that they can develop a successful business  and they want to do it… they just need a helping hand along the way
  • Want to connect with other women in a supportive environment
  • Want to take their business to the next level
  • Want to prove to themselves and the world that they have the power to achieve whatever they set their mind to

So, for me it’s not ‘just’ women, it’s truly a blessing to be able to work with wonderful women every day who have such potential to be unleashed upon the world. To be there to lift them up, motivate them, encourage them and hold their hand as they climb up the ladder of success – whatever that means to them. Working with a niche enables me to deliver specifically what my clients need and be the best that I can be for them.

Does Having A Target Client Limit Your Potential Client Base?

What Is A Brand Coach?

A brand coach is someone who is there to hold your hand as you work on creating and developing your own brand. Sure you can jog along without thinking too much about it, or even do it yourself, but why would you not want to save your precious time, effort and money by getting it done right, faster and easier?

Ultimately your brand is very personal to you and your business. It starts with what you want from the business and then you build from there. Only you can answer the questions about your wants and needs, both financially and emotionally, spiritually etc.

Hold on! Spirituality and brand… are you serious!?

Yes! So many women get so caught up in trying to get their business off the ground, or on to the next rung of the ladder, that they forget that it is meant to be giving them the life of their dreams…

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What Is Branding?

Brand is a powerful thing that can create strong emotional reactions with your clients and the level of that emotion is down to you creating a brand that people can feel so passionately about. It’s your story that you’re telling the world. It’s what people think about your business and it’s a powerful tool…

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What Are Branding Guidelines And Do I Need Them For My Business?

Branding Guidelines are your blueprint for your business brand and they appear in many forms, from simple logo style, colours and fonts through to complete detailed instructions for every single aspect of a business.

It’s a very good idea to have branding guidelines in place, no matter how large or small your business is…

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Does Branding Really Matter?

I’d like to think by now that you understand that branding is so much more than just a logo. In fact, branding is becoming more and more important when it comes to business. Not only is it the way that our customers recognise us, it’s also how reputations are built and extra net worth is added to companies.

Build your brand and you add massive value to your business and your clients too as a clear brand gives a clear identity and we’re all much better able to connect with your business if we understand what it’s all about. And connection is massively important in building a strong, supportive, brand-loving customer base…

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Isn’t It The Graphic Designer’s Job To Create My Brand?

This comes back to understanding what a brand really is, because when you understand this then you will understand why it’s actually you that needs to work on your brand identity and only once you have a strong idea of that should you then hand over to your designer, marketer, PR guru etc.

You see, all these promotional jobs work best when they are given a strong brief. I have seen it so many times; a business will arrive and explain that they want a logo, or some business cards, a flier perhaps or a brochure etc and of course they know WHAT they do (what product they’re selling etc), they also usually know what they want to TELL the viewer, but very rarely have they truly considered exactly who this printed item will be aimed at and all that comes with that…

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What Is A 30 Day Online Course?

In a nutshell, it is a distance learning course that is designed to work over a 30 day time period and the learning materials are accessed online.

You see, a course is much like a goal to be achieved and so the SMART principles work well when applied to a course framework. I’ll explain further…

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