Is Printed Books The Only Way To Get Published?

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Interviewer:     So, we might, people who aren’t necessary in the publishing world might think about books as being quite a tradition imprint bound type thing.  Are we thinking too small in that or are there other ways that you can actually get the book out there if you’ve got one?

Interviewee:     Yeah, no I think that is a small definition of a book, I think any written content could fall in a book and really, really the sort of essence of a book is that you’re talking intimately with your audience, it’s only you and them and you can get full attention so there are lots of different applications for your written stuff.  You could actually start your book as a blog post but have an end in mind so you could actually write a series of blogs and to use it as a business building thing you could actually ask people to sign up for these blogs so they could be hidden one layer behind and they get to be the first people to read this thing that might become a book.  Obviously a lot of people will go straight for Kindle and say we can just publish straight to Kindle, you can do that, I still think the same quality applies that you’ve got to have a good book, a well-structured book with solid content.  Is that enough for the short one?