Online Workshops

Utilise these online workshops to help you create an awesome business and life. Each one is designed to give you different skills and tools you need to make a real difference to your thinking and your processes so that you can achieve bigger and better things in your business.


Be The Queen Of Your Brand: £47

This workshop is ideal for you if you’d like to know:

  • What you want your business to be known for
  • Why people should be buying from you (and not your competitors)
  • What your category of one is

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Goal Setting For Success: £47

This workshop is ideal for you if:

  • You want to understand how to set effective goals
  • You would love to achieve some great things this year 
  • You’ve been setting and not achieving goals and want to make this year different!
  • You want to create a better life and/or business and want a proven way to do this

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Coming soon:

  • Become A Productivity Princess – £47
  • Getting Started With Values – £47
  • My Perfect Client – £47
  • Mastering Your Marketing Message – £47